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We participated in a meeting at the esteemed EU Business School (EU) on the Barcelona campus. We are delighted to share the highlights of our three-day visit in July 2023 with you.

About EU

Embrace Diversity

EU Business School (EU) offers distinguished business education across dynamic campuses and online. With a focus on excellence, esteemed academics deliver innovative business programs in English, fostering a multicultural learning environment.

Key Strengths of EU Business School

The key strength is providing hands-on experiences. Through company visits and guest speakers, students gain valuable insights into today’s business landscape.

Experience at the University Meeting

Our Personal Experience

We recently attended a meeting at EU Business School and experienced their exceptional education. We explored the vibrant campus, attended classes, and engaged with students and teachers. Additionally, we visited Barcelona and joined a heartwarming graduation ceremony.

Exploring Barcelona’s Charms

Beyond the campus, enjoy captivating Barcelona, delightful Spanish meals, and engaging with students.

Unveiling Excellence at EU Business School

This blog delves further into our extraordinary journey at EU Business School and shares what sets this institution apart. Read on to discover the essence of this outstanding business school, where academia meets real-world excellence.

Day 1

Arrived in Barcelona

Our exciting journey at EU Business School in Barcelona commenced with a smooth landing at the Barcelona–El Prat Airport. As we made our way through the bustling terminals, we were immediately drawn to a standout gem that encapsulated the city’s passion for football: the FC Barcelona shop.

Experience at the University Meeting:

The first meeting was a warm and welcoming affair, held at a hotel restaurant conveniently located near the Diagonal campus—an area renowned for its vibrant charm in Barcelona. As we gathered in the late evening, the perfect temperature and lively atmosphere set the tone for an enjoyable evening.

The amiable university staff acting gracious hosts made us feel right at home. Our fellow participants, hailing from diverse corners of the world, added to the friendly ambience, creating a sense of camaraderie that transcended borders. Engaging in lively conversations and sharing stories with people from various backgrounds enhanced the richness of our experience.

Exploring the Diagonal Campus Area

This area was the name of one of Barcelona’s broadest and most essential avenues; for example, there were trendy shops, stylish boutiques, and charming cafes, offering a perfect blend of contemporary city life and Catalan charm. The avenue’s wide sidewalks beckon locals and visitors alike for strolls and lively conversations. Additionally, when students have lunch or a break between classes, there would be many options to spend time at a cafe with friends or relax on this street.

First Impressions of Barcelona

As we concluded our first day, the FC Barcelona shop left an indelible impression on us, and the liveliness of the people and the historical and modern streets of Diagonal Street made the trip even more exciting. Tomorrow we will explore more about its campus and the city.